Radio QGLLU Podcast

Welcome to RADIO QGLLU, the podcast that fearlessly plunges into the vibrant and diverse world of the Queer, Gay, and Lesbian Latine community. Join us as we embark on a captivating journey, delving into the heart of the conversations that matter most to our community. Our podcast serves as a powerful platform, amplifying voices, and shedding light on the unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs within the Queer, Gay, and Lesbian Latine tapestry of Los Angeles and Southern California.

In each episode, we bring you thought-provoking discussions, engaging interviews, and insightful commentary on the latest trends, pressing issues, and cultural nuances shaping our community's narrative. From exploring the intersections of identity and activism to celebrating the achievements of trailblazers, RADIO QGLLU is your go-to source for an authentic and comprehensive understanding of the Queer, Gay, and Lesbian Latine experience.

Our passionate hosts guide you through the multifaceted dimensions of our community, offering a space for open dialogue, inclusivity, and education. Whether you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an ally seeking knowledge, or someone eager to broaden their perspective, RADIO QGLLU welcomes you to join our conversation.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired as we tackle the complexities of love, relationships, social justice, and cultural pride. Through each episode, we aim to foster unity, empower individuals, and create a sense of belonging within the Queer, Gay, and Lesbian Latine community.

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Show Hosts and Producers include:

Rita Gonzales

Lydia Otero

Eduardo Archuleta

And Mario J. Novoa