Radio GLLU

History of Radio QGLLU

The history of the RADIO QGLLU podcast is deeply intertwined with its roots as a groundbreaking radio show that first emerged on the airwaves of KPFK 90.7 in Los Angeles during the vibrant and transformative era of the 1980s. The journey of this influential show traces its origins back to a significant moment in LGBTQ+ history and activism.

In the early days, the founders and visionaries behind the show recognized the need for a dedicated space where the Queer, Gay, and Lesbian Latine community could not only be heard but also come together to discuss the issues that were often overlooked or underrepresented in mainstream media. Thus, the concept of RADIO QGLLU was born, with a mission to amplify the voices of the community, foster dialogue, and create a platform for both celebration and advocacy.

The historical significance of the RADIO GLLU radio show is exemplified in its roots at KPFK 90.7, a progressive and community-oriented radio station that has long been a champion of social justice causes. The collaboration between the show and KPFK allowed for a wider reach and influence, as the program resonated not only with the local Los Angeles community but also with listeners across the nation who were eager to engage with the unique perspectives and narratives presented on the show.

A notable event in the history of RADIO QGLLU occurred on December 10, 2022, as highlighted on the ONE Archives Foundation website ( This event, titled "Together on the Air: Live on Radio," marked a momentous occasion where the show not only celebrated its legacy but also continued to make strides in promoting LGBTQ+ visibility and representation. The event likely featured live discussions, interviews, and reflections on the show's impact over the years, serving as a testament to the enduring relevance and importance of RADIO QGLLU.

As the radio show transitioned into the digital age and evolved into the current podcast format, it retained its commitment to providing a platform for the Queer, Gay, and Lesbian Latinx community. Today, RADIO QGLLU continues its mission to explore, celebrate, and advocate for diverse experiences within the community, carrying forward the rich legacy established during its formative years at KPFK 90.7 in Los Angeles.